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Default Re: Pokemon Center Japan to Make Big Announcement on January 8th

My guess?
- Generation six full reveal on the 3DS (I am 99% certain that we won't see another DS Pokemon game)

- The Console game for generation five on the Wii (WiiU is too new, not everyone has one yet, and I don't think they'd push the WiiU so soon. I'm personally hoping for a third Colosseum/XD game)

- Probably a sneak peak at some gen6 Pokemon, but not the entire gen6 lineup (I'm guessing a Pre-evo of something we already have if anything)

- Not going to be a Hoenn remake (We're at the end of gen5, they wouldn't do a gen3 remake just yet. They'd do it early in gen6 if anything. I really want one too, the gen4 physical/special move split made move setups perfect, Blaziken was a terribad fire type in gen3, his attack was higher than his special attack.)

- Not going to be a movie, UNLESS it's of a gen6 legendary OR the fusion of the full Tao Trio. (Every gen5 legendary had a movie except for Meloetta, but she's not going to get one because she has her own arc in the anime, so that counts as a movie or some garbage like that...

But yeah, that's just my take on this.
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