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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

[Dredd Frita isn't in the same room as the rest of you guys. XD]
Name: Frita
Location: Puzzle Room
Team: Wildfire [Quilava], Furr [Sentret], Unown F, Sprout [Bellsprout], Abra Egg
Points: 23

Having realeased her newly caught Unown, Frita went back to reading the runes. The Unown floated around her and Sprout, who was perched on her shoulder, began to flap his leaves at the Pokemon when it got too close to Frita's head. This turned into a game, with Sprout constantly trying to hit the Unown with his leaves.

After a while, Frita pushed a tile on the stone block she was reading from. "I think this is the one..." A loud rumble echoed through the room and the floor fell out from beneath her. She screeched as she was pitched into a dark tunnel-like slide of some kind.

She slid crazily with Sprout struggling to keep a hold of her shoulder and the Unown floating down behind her. With a sudden lurch, she fell out of a trapdoor in the ceiling, landing on Lee.

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