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This is Spud. He is a King Charles Cavalier X Toy Poodle and is almost 5. He is my Spuddy-Buddy. He is also a wuss. If he hears fireworks he will run to te closest bedroom and beg to be let in. If someone knocks at the door, he barks, from behind the couch. 2 hours ago there was a loud bang. It came from outside. I don't know what it was. I heard something move around in the hallway. I won't out to the kitchen to get a drink and found Spud sitting at my door. He was scared and wanted to come in. Since last time I let him stay in my room, he vomited on my jumper, he kept him out. 2 hours later I went to get another fan (Melbourne is in a heat wave at the moment) and found him still sitting by my door. I broke and let him in. He then fell asleep on my bed, as I don't think he is too keen to leave. This is gonna be a long night.

Side note: when he sleeps, his eyes roll and he doesn't fully close his eyes. It is creepy!
he is possessed by Satan!

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