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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

[Luna Berry] Duosion (F)
Ability: Magic Guard
Signature Move: Lucky Dance

Luna is a very lucky Pokémon, and she believes that many things can influence her luck, such as little trinkets or special rituals. While performing a little ritual dance she had created, Luna found out that her adrenaline rose and that she could release a strange power that would slightly harm the opponent while afflicting a random status effect. So, in battle, she can perform this dance and create an energy ball which she can throw at an opponent.

Type: Psychic
Base Power: 60
Accuracy: 85%
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 3-5
Impact: Single opponent
Priority: 0
Effects: Roll a random number between 1-6, and inflict the corresponding status:
1 - Poison
2 - Burn
3 - Sleep
4 - Confusion
5 - Frozen
6 - Paralysis
Usage Gap: Once per battle, as she cannot summon that same kind of energy again in that battle


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