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Default Re: Etymology's Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Adventure!

Part 02: Floccessy Ranch - Gym Battle 01

Team as of last update:

Floccessy Ranch, here we come! I was quite excited to reach this area, as it has an awesome selection of Pokemon. Before I progress into the midst of the area I notice a patch of grass to my left - I figured it was time for another partner!


A wild Mareep appeared!
Baa baa.

Diopside the Oshawott was sent out first in the battle. Although the Mareep was only at level 5, I was still fearful of Electric attacks. As such, Beryl almost killed it with a Tackle, and then it was captured quickly in a Poke Ball. Smoooooth.

"Hi. My name is Heliodor. I am named after a green-yellow form of beryl. I am male and have a Hardy nature. May my font continue to blind forever!"

Heliodor marked my first non-Unova Pokemon capture thus far, and I was ecstatic to meet him.

I tumble my way around the ranch until I hear familiar music. Gasp! It's Corey! And he wants to battle me?

"COME AT ME!" he screams, before we pummel his Snivy with a barrage of Normal-type attacks. Oops.

Our battle concludes and the owners of the ranch come up after our fight. They introduce themselves - we find out that one of them is called 'Wife'. Well, nice to meet you, Wife. They send us out on an arduous task to find a missing Herdier, to which Corey bolts off. Geez, he's really got some deep dark past that I'm sure I'll never find out about, right?

I defeat all the trainers in Floccessy Ranch and wander around until I hear a noise. "YAWRP." The Herdier must be close! I find out that a strange guy wearing a pirate costume has kept the creature captive. Surprisingly, he does not engage in battle with me - he merely delivers a "AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO, IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU MEDDLIN' KIDS AND THIS DUMB DOG!" speech and walks away. As soon as this occurs, my rival and the ranch owner (who is coincidentally named 'Owner') conveniently arrive. My rival bolts off, angry at Owner. Owner returns to his usual place on the ranch without even a single word to me - what, no freakin' reward? Man, Floccessy's residents are terrible at the concept of quests!

Upon returning to Floccessy Town, Alder greets me. According to him, because of how strong I had gotten in the ranch (a whole 5 levels, ooh), he could "have mistaken me for someone else!"


Anyway, he introduces me to some little children in what appears to be a training arena. The children politely ask our beloved champion whether they'd train me up, only for the man to reply that he essentially has no faith in them and they are destined to lose to me. "Losing is good too!" How on earth do these kids remain so chirpy? Regardless, I pummel both of the elemental monkeys they send out.



We exit Floccessy Town onto Route 20. I hear a familiar voice calling my name from atop the cliffs - woah, Alder, how'd you get up there so fast? He hands me some berries and tells me to challenge the gyms, and leaves. I'm sure these will come in handy against the first leader, or something.

Cheren is the first gym leader! He tells us to beat the first two gym trainers before we can face him. Alright, no problem, piece of cake, easy, let's do this.

"Sir, don't underestimate them."

We'll be fine! I send out my Mareep to face off the first trainers Patrat.

Patrat used Tackle!
Heliodor used Tackle!
Patrat used Tackle!


Furiously, I return to Floccessy Ranch to grind all of my Pokemon to a level appropriate enough to beat Cheren without tragedy. All of my team get to level 10/11 before fighting down the last trainer. Agate shows off her strength with Bug Bite - I'm sure she'll become a real powerhouse.

"I'm not scared of the gym leader! Nope! No sireee!"

That's nice, Beryl.

We engage in battle with Cheren. My Sewaddle defeats his Patrat in a simple Bug Bite-Tackle war as it tries to Work Up - the sight of this move again sends fear pounding throughout me. Tip: attach Oran Berries to all of your Pokemon. This'll save you in the future. Anyway, his last Pokemon is a level 13 Lillipup, which outlevelled all of my current Pokemon. My Patrat tries to defeat it with Frustration, but his Lillipup quickly depletes my Beryl's health into the red. However, I quickly switch to Diopside, who splashes into battle with Water Gun to seal the victory. No casualties!

He hands over the Basic Badge and TM Work Up for the victory. I head out of the gym, trying to stay mindless of the Mareep-shaped blood spatters on his floor.




'Diopside the Oshawott'
Level 11
Hasty Nature
Tail Whip
Water Gun
Water Sport

'Beryl the Patrat'
Level 11
Sassy Nature

'Agate the Sewaddle'
Level 11
Bold Nature
String Shot
Bug Bite


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