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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Chip, Poppy, and Torin
Furret twins and shiny Pikachu

Poppy watched Snowsong turn back towards the big tree’s clearing, the Glaceon’s icy attitude going beyond simply her type. It was difficult for Poppy to understand why she seemed so difficult with everyone. There had to be a reason. She looked at the Ice Shards that had been lodged in the soggy ground and gave a shiver. Not from the chill that was left in the air, but from the feeling of bitterness that suddenly washed over her.

“Ignore Snowsong, Poppy,” the Leafeon’s voice made her look up, “she’s got an attitude problem the size of a Snorlax.”

The new Flareon snorted at the comment before he was interrupted. The two Eeveons started back to the rest of the group as Isla described the Pokemon they had been traveling with. Glancing once more at the Ice Shards that were now starting to melt into the already wet ground, Poppy turned back to the clearing as well, trying to decide if there was some way she could talk to Snowsong without making her upset. When she returned to the big tree, it was easy to see that moods were decaying rapidly among everyone. The Furret stopped next to her bigger brother as Gladewing was explaining what he had found to Nightfang.

“So what’s been happening here?” she asked.

Chip shrugged. “Not much. I think things will be a lot better when we're out of this swamp.” He looked down at his sister and tilted his head. “Are you alright? You look worried.”

“I am.” She gave him a small smile. “There’s a lot to worry about, but I’ll be alright.”

He nodded and turned his attention back to the others when the old Sceptile spoke up, adding a few berries to those Gladewing had found.

“And I can help search for more food. Lifewing can as well once his burn's been healed. Then we'll also have an eye in the sky. If he doesn't get lost up there, of course.”

Chip could not help but chuckle at the comment, and Poppy tried to quiet a giggle of her own. The Pidgeotto however did not find the statement at all amusing.

“Get lost in my territory of the sky? That would be like getting lost in a field, where you can see much,” he retorted before turning away.

Stifling another chuckle at the obvious sarcasm in the response, Chip shook his head. “I don’t think he meant that to insult you.”

He was about to say more when Yuri’s low, angry voice caught his attention. Both he and Poppy watched in wonder. They had not yet known the Pikachu to be so upset except when defending Bladestrike or when she had a fever. Poppy quietly asked her brother if he thought that her fever might have come back, but he did not think was the issue. It was that place. Lack of proper rest and food was beginning to fray at everyone’s nerves. Yuri’s frustration climaxed with a shout as she moved away from the others. Speaking up to everyone, Nightfang said they should get moving, which Chip was happy to hear. Torin, however, was not really paying attention and had been studying the Flareon since he joined the group. The shiny Pikachu did not seem to be in any better spirits, and small sparks still crossed his cheeks from the moisture built up, but he appeared to be considering something as he walked up to Flash.

“A fire type...” He shot a quick glance at Embyr before looking back at the Pokemon in front of him. “Maybe you could help before we get moving. Can you hold your fire in all this moisture? More specifically, can you use an Ember attack to strengthen the flame on her tail?” he said, pointing to the weak, melancholy Charmeleon. “If anything at all can be accomplished in this murky place that might be it.”

Poppy looked at the young Riolu who had jumped at Yuri’s burst. “You can stick with us if you want to. This isn’t a great place to get separated. I don’t think I heard your name though. I’m Poppy and this is my brother Chip.” The Furret next to her smiled as they both started toward the edge of the big tree’s clearing.
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