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Default Re: Do These Ever Get Easier?

No worries, no worries. I don't have any Mary-Sues, not anymore. That was when I was 12. So like... 9 years ago? I'm better now, really and truly. In fact my characters tend to be downright boring at times.

I'm a good group balancer and temporary team lead (you know, for desperate situations). Ehehe, so yeah. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep Iggy as my main character or try somebody a little more dynamic? Iggy was used only the one time and I don't recall too much. A lot of his backstory was grounded in the old forum (which was essentially: "Real world connect to another reality where there's pokemon and people from here go over there and stuff!" Pfft).

So yeah. Oh uh, you said there were things to read, where might I find these things? Pokemon Elite 2000 specific rules I should be able to find on my own but if there's any back story or a somewhat hidden/hard to find thread that you think might be important, I'd love to just amass some links and start getting informed.

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