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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

OOC: Of course, go after the person most likely to have a heart attack just from seeing Slendy at a distance XD.


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

Serena didn’t seem too awfully concerned or even surprised by the abrupt shift in reality, acting about as excited as someone who was opening a bag of chips to snack on. For a moment I could only gape at her as she casually started going through her tote. She quickly came across what was revealed to be a map and consulted it for a few moments as I tried to understand how she could be taking all this so well.

Maybe…maybe she’s just really good at hiding shock. Or maybe she’s a little…crazy. Well…hell, I can see ghosts or whatever you want to call them. Try explaining how THAT works. Maybe there’s just something special about her that lets her deal with crazy stuff better than your average normal person.

I shook my head and pushed the musings away. At this point, it hardly mattered why the other woman wasn’t as freaked out as I was, or at least, why she wasn’t showing it. I turned my attention to the map she had, scooting closer as I had the brilliant idea of taking out one of my flashlights and putting a few batteries into it. There was a tiny bit of light emanating from…well, I wasn’t entirely sure…but it wasn’t nearly enough to comfortably see by. Once I got the batteries in, I turned on the flashlight and angled it so the light illuminated the map without shining on the paper directly and causing a glare.

After several minutes of silence, Serena held the map out towards me as she said, “You may be able to find your way out of town if you memorize this, though I can't promise that's exactly accurate. If the rest of this place is run-down as well, some areas may be blocked. I'll need that back, so hope your memory is good. That, or you can follow me to check out a place or two and I can personally escort you out of here."

I shook my head as I took the map and quickly glanced it over, letting out a somewhat irritated sigh. I’d never been able to read maps very well (read; at all), and relied on GPS to get where I was going if it was more than a few blocks from my house. There was no way I’d be able to remember the map, let alone keep all the directions and such in order (I’m also relatively directionally challenged). I handed the map back to Serena after just a few seconds, which was all the time I needed to confirm how hopeless I was when it came to such things.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” I told her with a shrug. “I’m horrible with maps and directions when I’m not stranded in some crazy-ass town that’s filled with monsters and covered in fog and likes to fall to pieces for no particular reason. I’d forget that map within a block and get north confused with south. I’m not the best at that sort of thing.” I aimed my flashlight towards the remains of the front door and took a deep breath, trying to ignore the confusion and panic that were threatening to make me break down in slightly hysterical giggles. “I think I’ll stick with you for a while. Oh, do you want one of these?” I absently offered the spare nail gun to Serena after digging it out of my tote. “I have enough nails for both of them, since we won’t be getting any from here now.”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow, Zolar
Location: Near the school

If I said I wasn’t surprised by Secily’s sudden concern when I collapsed, I would be telling a pretty big lie. She squatted by me, though I was too busy trying not to break down in a complete panic attack to respond when she started to reach out for me, only to stop and pull away before making contact. She stood and moved away as I recovered and finally managed to stand, and after a few moments she asked if I was okay. As she spoke I could hear by her tone that she felt the question was awkward after what had just happened; either way, she didn’t really give me a chance to reply before suddenly moving off. The darkness that had fallen was as bad as the previous fog in terms of how far one could see, since Secily had gotten maybe ten feet away before I could no longer see her. I shuddered as I realized there was light coming from some unknown source, but barely enough to give one any real visibility.

At first I thought the other woman was leaving us, but she returned shortly carrying a knife. I realized with a start that it was the same knife the weird Nurse monsters seemed to possess. Apparently, Secily had gone back to retrieve it. I saw that her own knife was now hanging from her belt. There were also a few more dark smudges on her clothes, but I decided to overlook them as she approached. I wondered why she’d felt the need for another weapon before she offered it to me, a gesture which left me surprised once more. I blinked a few times, my panic slowly retreating in favor of genuine gratitude. Maybe we’d been wrong about her. Secily opened her mouth to speak but for some reason decided against it, remaining silent as she waited for me to react.

I reached out and took the weapon, gripping the handle and nodding at the other woman as I offered a faint smile. I was getting ready to thank her when suddenly, blind terror leapt within me and made me give a faint cry. I dropped the knife as a twig or branch to my right snapped, jumping so violently I nearly sent myself to the ground again as I whipped around to face the direction the sound had come from. My heart started to race again, beating so hard and fast it was actually painful. It was a struggle to breathe as my chest seemed to constrict, driving what little air I could catch right back out of my lungs.

There was nothing there when I looked, but I knew something was nearby. I could sense it, could feel it watching me. I looked around but didn’t spot anything, at least not until I decided to look behind me. There was a grove of trees that way, leading off to what had appeared to be a small wooded area before the whole place went nuts. Now, as I stared, I saw what looked like a branch slowly moving down towards the trunk, like someone was pushing it down and to the side. And then a figure abruptly loomed into view, as if stepping forward from the gloom around us. I could only gape at it, my mind unable to grasp what I was seeing. It shouldn’t be possible, it wasn’t possible!

I felt myself crumple to the ground as the panic attack I’d been struggling to hold back broke out full-force. My struggled breathing rose to hyperventilated gasps, but it didn’t seem to help get enough air. A chill settled itself in my body and I could feel myself trembling. My stomach twisted on itself in nausea and the world spun crazily as a bout of vertigo chose that moment to hit me. I groaned and clutched my head, squeezing my eyes shut and curling forward until my forehead was pressed against the ground. I wanted to run, to get up and get the hell away from that place, away from that THING, but there was no way I’d be able to run in this condition or even stand up.

Calm, calm, calm… I told myself over and over, a silent mantra I’d developed years ago. The single syllable gave me something to focus on other than my crushing sense of blind terror, though in some cases it didn’t help. At some point, though, the fear started to subside and I managed to sit back on my calves. I instantly found my gaze drawn to the trees, but the figure was no longer there. I quickly glanced around but saw no evidence of anything lurking around. Still trembling and somewhat fearful but slowly recovering, I wrapped my arms around myself and focused on slowing my breathing.

It was…it was just your imagination…just all this insanity getting to you, I assured myself. You just imagined you saw him there because of all those stories Gram Adelaide used to tell and her death and everything…it wasn’t real...
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