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Default Re: Do These Ever Get Easier?

Originally Posted by Moofius View Post
Seriously I never know what to title these things anymore...

Anyway! Hello, hiya, howdy, bonjour! My names Moofius and I was referred to the site by my co-worker Sabi! DidIgetthatright? SorryifIdidn't.

I've been RPing since I was 12, starting on Neopets with a lovely arrangement of Mary-Sues and have since improved (I think). I joined a Pokemon RP forum once but it didn't work out so I'm here to try again.

I've loved Pokemon since grade 3 or 4 and so my favorite gens are basically 1-3, but I hold no ill will to the other gens, I just don't really know them and being old, I like to keep things the same to some extent.

I don't know if I ever finished a Pokemon game due to my OCD-like tendency to try and collect all the Pokemon. Oh! And I'm double old fashion in that I've not strayed far from the general pokemon trainer, beat the elite 4, type game. I am playing one of the Mystery Dungeons but that is... slow going. Just like White is slow going... and Nuzlock challenge Yellow.... Yeeeah...

Uh uh, what else? Erm... Moofius comes from a parody of the Matrix called the Meatrix which I watched when I was 12 and wanted to be a farmer. It's against factory farming and Morpheus is a brown cow named Moopheus. Jacked it from that and was unaware of the spelling so I spelled it in the way that made sense to me.

Okay, I think that covers pretty much... everything. Really glad to be here and I hope I get to meet some cool people and collect some pokemans.

( Sabi, Sabi, lookit I typed the things).

Welcome to mah hub. XD

Also if you have Mary Sue's I will beat them into balancing... I'm OCD about character balancing...
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