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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

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Affected RPers: Jess

Slowly, He moves through the shadows. Could one see Him? No. He is an enigma. How does one know He is there? A wicked fear will surge through them causing hysteria. Pity? He takes none.


She was struggling already. He hadn't even started. She would be emotionally unstable after He finishes with torturing His new prey. How will he show up to her? A face in the woods? Or possibly a tap on the shoulder. Maybe He would directly approach the woman to induce the fear.

Fear. He feeds on it. As long as someone is afraid, He will be almighty. A staged twig crack to her right forces her head to jerk to the direction of the sound. He feels her heart rate increase to a rapid speed. She is on the breaking point.

Finally, she looks back and what she sees is a tree's branches slowly curling downwards towards its trunk. She is confused, just what He wants. He leans forwards and reveals himself: a faceless head, long, scrawny limbs, and a black tuxedo and red tie. A yell of terror escapes her mouth and she closes her eyes, trying to forget the horror she just saw. A quick glance back and He isn't there.

People hear it. Perfect. His message is across; fear Him.

Large image is large.

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