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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Scar leads moon through the light tunnel to the moment that everything exploded.
"This is the moment that it began..I wanted to scream out in terror but I felt something fall over me. Something that said I was going to be alright. By Arceus I swear to you I saw a rainbow of lights. When I woke up Cresselia was smiling at me. We had moved through time and space. What seemed like 30 passed as I went through dreams helping guide others...but it couldnt last.. Giratinas lock on my soul pulled me back here. My work was unfinished, I had to help repair what had been damaged by its absence. Giratina is needed here for their to be balance...I needed help bringing it back. So I called to Spin. " the light flashes again and Moon and Scar stand on the bridge. Scar bends down petting Whispeon.

"Giratina is on its way here, once it enters the door must be sealed behind it, but that is not your task...its not the reason you are here.."

Scar walks Moon to a tomb.
"Cresselia gave me a gift for you, its a chance to redeem your actions in the passed."
He opened the tomb and lifted up the little mask."
Scar looks at Moon handing it over.
Moon touches it and is flooded with a wave of memories.
(This is where you add parts of the story that you and char talked about.)

"the spirit will not remember who you are. Maybe with this act you can forgive some of that dark stuff in your mind."

Scar smiled.
"I cant leave because i have no body, tell Spin I will always be with her in her dreams making her smile...
This one does still have a chance.. but the clock is ticking...remember what happened and you can save it...

Remember .

Remember....." the voice fades and Scar is gone.

Moon held the mask and watched as the ghost slowly started to appear.

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