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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location:Exploring the ruins


Seth growls at Lee then turns back to Luna who had seemed interested in exploring it first. Alyssa still curious took the lead, followed quickly by her Unown and Luna and her Unown. Seth and Lee stood back for a moment each trying to be be the bigger man.

Alyssa failed to notice a trap as she pushed blindly through the cobwebs..A trap door opened and both her and Luna feel into the pit. The two slide down deep into the tunnel into another room. Seth seeing this was tempted to laugh but realized that he needed them. Lee tried to take the lead to save the girls and headed down first. At the bottom he rushed to edge but found the ground was slick.. Seth grabbed the back of his shirt pulling him back up.

" Lets no go an get ourselves killed before we can be useful, Ace."

Seth looked back at Frita.
"We are going to have to continue on without them. If that trap is like everyother they will be down a couple of floors."

Seth used the wall to climb across the opening on the other side he called down.
"We are going to find away around to get down there..dont do anything stupid!

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