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You walk over to explore the stone. Most people fail to notice these stones. They only glisten during certain times of the day. You can see some writing near the bottom but cant make it out. As you try to get cloesr to it you feel something under you move. Without warning you drop down into a hole. As you get up you seem very confused. Had the Stones been markers for secret doors ?? does that even make sense ?

Do you explore further ?
''There seems to be something written at the bottom but I can't tell what it is. Maybe if I edge a little closer...'' As I got close to read the tablet, I felt the ground moving a bit and then all of a sudden I fell in a hole.

''Oww, at least it wasn't too high otherwise I may have a broken bone. You okay Rick?'' Rick was just dizzy from the fall and wasn't hurt at all, mostly becuase he fell on me. Seems that we had fallen in some kind of trap or even a secret passage.

''Just where are we? We'll have to explore a bit, I guess.'' I got on my feet again and took Rick in my arms, it was time to do some spelunking.

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