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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Moon calls out Scar but nothing happens. She rushes over and is taken back when she realizes that no one can see her. Scar fights off the pokemon screaming out in pain. Moon sees what he is trying to do and makes a move to break the glass herself. Her hands go right through the chair. She looks over at the tank and notices the Cresselia is looking right at her.


Moon eyes tear as she feels the warmth of Cresselia. Cresselia nods at her and turns back to Scar. Moon can feel what Scar feels...all that pain but he wont stop. He lifts up the chair slamming it into the tank

*Do not fear what happens next, my dear Scar.*

Moons eyes water.

*Your selfless actions here will echo through out time. My brave Scar, do not fear for your friends safety. Do not fear for Spin.. *

Scars eyes water as he bashes the tank for a final time. Scar whispers to himself
"I will miss you my friends, please do not be sad for I have chosen my own destiny."

time seems to slow down as the final strike hits the glass. Moon can feel the blazing hat evloping the whole room. In the flash of light Moon hears

"I am so sorry, please take care of them..they mean well."

Moon covers her face for a moment and then everything is white. Tears drips down her face as something walks through the light.

"I wasnt expecting you to come, but I am glad you are here."Scar smiles. He looks much different almost unrecognizable. He has grown into a handsome man.

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