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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Route 13

I think fast. "Volcano, use SmokeScreen!"

Smoke erupts from Volcano, filling the nearby area. It was dense and sooty. It was hard to see, but we made out escape while the Aggron was choking on smoke and the Magneton's radar-like eyes were obstructed by the smoke. I distanced myself away from the magnet-like ball to avoid anymore run-ins with the steel types. Luckily, there was a detour leading to Satellite Pier.
Official's Post

Your poly to distract only worked for a second. Steel pokemon have an attraction to magnets that is strong than any of there other senses. As you run toward Satellite Pier. You are stopped by a wall of Magneton. The send out a shockwave knocking Volcano clean out. The wave knocks you to ground, your body twitches from the electric waves coursing through are now paralyzed. You realize that the only thing the smokescreen did was confuse them and in this case made them more angrey. The Magneton gather the ball and The massive Aggron has mistaken you for the other trainer and it drags you back to Route 10.
(I love your luck corey !! hahahaha)

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