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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Name: Mibbleng (Sam)
Title: The Prepper
Current Nuzlocke(s): Going to start a Black Nuzlocke today. Just a traditional one, but with no duplicates and no kind of repel, as this'll be the first I do.

Good to get involved with something here, hopefully it'll keep my coming back. I've had troubles with activity before, but you seem like friendly people. I suppose logging my Nuzlocke will keep me coming back too.
I'll update on my progress at around 11:30 pm GMT every day, assuming I've made progress that day. My internet has a weird problem where it barely works from 5:20 - 11:20 pm GMT every day, so don't expect much (if anything) between those times.
This should be fun then. Think I'll start with Oshawott, haven't gone with that before.
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