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Default Hey guys!

Hello everyone, I am brand spanking new here. So I will give you a little introduction of myself. I'm a 25 year old college student who loves video games. Thought I was the oldest person on the planet playing pokemon until recently so I was kind of embarassed about it for awhile to be honest for you but no longer am I feeling that way.

I play soccer at my college in Ohio, I am studying aeronautical science in order to become an air traffic controller. I plan on leaving this state and moving to a different state once I complete my schooling because I don't really like the cold weather up here.

I basically have come to this site for more insight on the pokemon black/white games because I haven't played a single one of the pokemon games since blue/red/yellow. Right now I feel a little lost and am kind of upset at the fact that all of the gen 1 pokemon seen to be obsolete or have dissapeared from the scene.

I'm just looking around different forums for help and what not and really want to complete my pokedex thoroughly and to a complete extant.

So with that said I will now open the floor up for some of you to introduce yourselves to me and hopefully I will be making a few friends here =] thanks alot!
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