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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location:? Wondering the plains of Giratinas Dimension

(Left Behind)

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Wispeon stopped for a moment and just floated in the center of the bridge. Soon its eyes started to glow and it moved ahead at a quicker pace. To moved passed many different portals and stopped at one. There it pointed its noise to one. The portal was a sight to see. It was spear of water or what seemed like water. Moon walked up and she could see the old Team Rocket Base and then Scar.

Wispeon nudged her to move into it. She first just touched the spear and noticed her touch made ripples on the surface. She then put her hand in, finding the liquid would then envelop her. She dropped down in the burning team rocket base. Wispeon didnt follow. Moon got to her feet she knew she had to get to the last place they knew Scar was. She moved quickly finding the room. She could see Scar getting attacked by the pokemon.

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