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Default Re: Magikarp/Gyarados or Feebas/Milotic?

Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
tl;dr Magikarps, as weak as they appear, gain their strength by swimming against the currents, and that strength is what helps them evolve into Gyarados.
Omg you know us too well I bet hardly anyone will read that. xD

If we're going on about life lessons...

Feebas shows similarities to The Ugly Duckling. Striving to become beautiful for society. Instead of that, be different. Be "ugly". Society is wrong to judge everyone. If the world weren't different, well I think most of us have seen that Fairly Odd Parents episode. You never know what someone will become, so never judge them. If you've seen Megan Fox in high school, she was not as "hot" as she is now. She was made fun of and bullied constantly, and look at her now. She could totally take down any of her past bullies by telling her fans their names and addresses.

tl;dr Feebas is ugly like society deems me to be so ONE DAY I'LL BLOSSOM AND BE RICH AND BEAUTIFUL
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