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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy shuddered slightly at Torin's apparent foul mood. Bad moods made Sy uncomfortable, also he felt guilty because he felt that everyone was getting huffy because they now had new people joining their group.

Sy watched Gladwing approach Nightfang.

"As I was venturing forth to say earlier... I was unable to secure us prey last night, but I did manage to find a bushel of these berries." He indicated the armful of fruit he carried. "They are mere Qualot berries, I'm afraid... They don't have medical use, but they should sustain us for a little longer."

Sy then watched Hope give Gladwing some more berries. At least no one will go with empty stomachs now. Sy then saw a Flareon approach the group which seemed to upset the other Pikachu.

"Oh great!" she growled. "Just fantastic!"

"Yuri, this is Flash, a..." Isla paused. "An acquaintance of mine from the Valley. Do you think you could patch up his leg?"

"Do I think I could?" Yuri growled, and began mumbling to herself. "Sure! Do I have anything I could put on it to keep it from getting infected? Absolutely! I'll just go pull some berries out of the muck! Do I have anything to bind the wound with? Yeah, useless pieces of grass covered in swamp mud, which would only led to an infection as there is hardly any clean water!"

Sy then jumped and backed away a few feet when Yuri shouted. He started to wonder if this was such a good idea. Everyone seemed to be in such a foul mood. Though it was understandable.

Then he remembered that Isla said that she and Flash were from the Valley. This surprised him slightly. He didn't think anyone but him got out alive. He certainly hadn't seen anyone from the Valley until now.
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