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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Leading the way

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

With the door down Red gets to his feet. A loud humming rings through his ears. He can see Charlie yelling at him.
"Heal them?? Yeah right over there."

Red shakes it off rushing into the room.

Achievement unlocked

Reached 100 Pokemon
Pokemon Unlocking:Porygon
Points before:213
Points After:178

Pokemon Unlocking: Eevee (#2)
Points Before:178
Points After:153

Red cleared through the boxes finding one particular. He flipped it open.
"There is it."

He lifted the case out of the box rushes back towards the comptuers. Where he connected the strange looking box. Soon the eyes lit up....


*Porygon Online*

Red smiled.

Meghan sifted through the stuff finding the ruby. As she picked it up she had been unaware that the Pearl had been set to up to special alarm.

On the outside Blue and Brandon sat in the bushes. Blue smiled as he noticed a flashing light. He held the device up to Brandon.
"Thats the signal, the alram has been triggered in the casinos unground vault. The only thing that could get it to set is the Pearl being removed from its spot...the damn vault is almost earthquake proof."

Blue looked at him.
"Your friends better move fast as every police offer in Celadon is now on there way down there..."

Meghan lifted and felt another alarm go off. Bars started to drop all around her...she tried to jump to get out in time but found bars locked in place.

Red looked at her seeing his chance to run...Eevee looked up at him nudging him. Red sighed as he picked up Porygon and started to run.
"Porygon access the vault bars...release them.."

The bars started to slowly lift, blue team rushed to help Meghan as they tried to get the bars up faster.

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