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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Lee
Location: Ruins
Team: (Flint) Cyndiquil, (Buzz) Ledyba
Points: 30

Lee laughed inwardly as he watched Alyssa cross her arms, and he wondered how far he could go before she blushed. However, the mention of the Noctowl man cooled his swagger. These people had seen him... There was so many questions he wanted to ask them, but he knew he needed to take his time with him. They had only just met, of course, and they wouldn't be willing to share everything with him at first.

"My mistake," nodded Lee, trying not to look too disappointed. Reviving a smirk, he continued in a silky voice, "In that case, it is a great pleasure to meet you, Alyssa. I am very, very happy to have rescued you."

Lee then turned to the other girls (he'd get to the guy, eventually), and asked, "And who might you lovely ladies be?"

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