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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

I hate training. :(


George l Daimon l Lioness l (Can't remember name right now) l Gilda l (Strength in Japanese that I can't remember right now)


Rosa l Sonta l Ohm


Yes, Gilda IS a MLP reference. No matter how unrelated it is, I've seen MLP on le internets. I was like, "LOL, STARAPTOR HAIR LOOKS LIKE GILDA'S. OH DEAR LORD...MACHOP DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ROCKY BALBOA! HE DOESN'T EVEN BOX!" Also, I don't watch MLP nor hate any people/girls/women/boys/men who watch it.

...I don't have the second badge because of TRAINING!!! URGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

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