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Default Re: Game of the Year 2012

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I don't play any of those genres except Fighter games. xD

If you count Pokemon as an action RPG, then that.

I'm not really a gamer but I posted here :(

My top game would have to be Soul Calibur V. I suck at first person shooters, or any game that requires strict accuracy. xD Idek what a visual novel or a JRPG is. D:

But for me Soul Calibur V. Maxed out my player level, beaten Legendary Souls (hardest part), can play on max difficulty, created a butt load of characters, and have all the equipment. :3
/nerd who is no fun to play because he only plays Pokemon and one other game
Pokemon is a JRPG, which stands for Japanese RPG, which traditionally uses turn-based style of fighting. This is basically Final Fantasy. Action RPGs are games that are like adventures but have a large amount of RPG elements that's a the core of the game. Think of it as something like Zelda, but with RG stats you'd expect in Final Fantasy.

Don't worry about visual novels. I'm the only one here that appreciates them. It's a genre that's literally what it says it is: novels with pictures. Most of the "game" is just text with a picture behind the text...and the game's glorious.

Originally Posted by LS View Post
Meh, SCIV was really good. SCV was a big let down for me for the simple fact that my two favorite characters were not in the game. (Cassandra and Amy)

I also play a lot of fighers (Even spent $250 on a Qanba Arcade stick) and if I was to pick the best fighter of 2012 it'd definitely be UMvC3.
Ya SCV was good enough, but not that great. I'm definitely a Sophitia kinda guy though. Her and Seung Mina weren't in SCV though.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I used Cassandra from 2008-2011, so I was pretty good with her. Then I started using Sophitia, so have Pyrrha as a successor was awesome. As long as there is ONE Alexandra family member. xD

I hear Street Fighter is close to SC though, but it's too Japanese-y/manga-y for me. DX
Street Fighter plays nothing like SC. Street Fighter is literally just a more meticulous version of Marvel, with nicer timings and more strategic elements. The "Japanese" graphics is what makes it stand out IMO, though. Now that I think about it, didn't AE come out this year? If that is the case, best fighter has to be SF4AE this year. Marvel is definitely a weaker game in comparison. Then again, Persona 4 Arena also came out this year too.

Originally Posted by ArielJustice View Post
Glad to see Virtue's made it :) Still have to play it. However no stores near me sell it so maybe online is my best bet
Ya, get it online. Aksys has a habit of giving 1 copy to gamestops. So when they sell out the 1 copy, you have to order from Aksys instead.

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
I think I can manage this.

Best Shooter: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Dear GOD, why am I listing this?! It has good graphics, and since everyone extremely competitive, or at least most people, moved from multiplayer, multiplayer is at least 70% playable without ragequitting.

Best Action/Action RPG: Probably Assassin's Creed III
This was an amazing game when I tried it out. The graphics are beautiful action...PRETTY. HD GRAPHICS ARE PRETTY. The game mechanics are good, controls nice, and...yeah. It's good.

Best JRPG: I'm going to assume White 2 is a JRPG. xD At least, the Japanese version.
It's Pokemon.

Best Music Game: I dunno, Guitar Hero or something. I haven't played many music games recently.

Most interesting mechanic: Imprinting
Yes, I'm making a reference from a game that is four years old. It was interesting to see that dead people could use their phones to imprint certain words into people's minds. Yeah.

Best Fighter: Umm...Marvel VS. Capcom 3?
Mainly because Phoenix Wright is in it. :P

Best Visual Novel: The World Ends With You
Again. Four years old. Freaking amazing.


Most Broken Game: inFAMOUS
Yes, inFAMOUS. I picked it up, get gangra--slaughtered by a bunch of gunners almost immediately. I died so much for no reason that I just put the controller down. Never even bothered to try the second one.

Most Weirdest, but Amazing Game: The Binding of Isaac
This was a challenging game, it was possible, it was addicting, it was...weird. YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU, CUTE BUT WEIRD MONSTRO.

Isaac is an amazing game. :D

The World Ends with you is an Action RPG, btw. :P That's why I have an odd category: visual novels are literally the domain of PC, and there are only like 2 titles that aren't 18+ and are on consoles, both of which are of the same series (Zero Escape vol 1 and vol 2).
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