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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post

Well, I just defeated Gardenia. :) It was pretty close - my Monferno and Staravia (Silver evolved :D) went in 3 levels below her Roserade. Her Cherrim almost killed my Monferno with Magical Leaf and Roserade would have destroyed them both if my Staravia succumbed to paralysis, but on the whole it was a pretty successful endeavour. :)

Between Oreburgh and Eterna I have accomplished a lot. I captured a Psyduck in the Ravaged Pass, a Drifloon at the , a Pachirisu on Route, a Buneary in the Eterna Forest, a Budew on Route, a Bidoof on Route and a Chingling in Mt. Coronet! Hooray! :) No deaths have occurred between gyms either.

Right, next up is Jupiter and her scary Skuntank. D:
Omg how did you make that.

Also I bolded a correction there I think you meant to say...

Also as soon as I find my book with my HG Nuzlocke in it, I'm going to start making it a comic. It's only going to go up until the first credits roll for story reasons I cannot share because I says so.
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