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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Gladewing (Scyther)
Currently: With Group

Gladewing relaxed as Hope calmly explained their circumstances and moved through apologies. He sensed that these Pokemon were honestly good folks--despite the bird's rudeness--and he knew that matters would be settled between everybody. It was interesting to Gladewing, though, that Hope and Lifewing were also from the Valley. The Scyther wondered how many more there were, wandering lost in the wild-lands.

He smiled as Brokenstar offered to help Sy; he was glad to see that the little Riolu was being accept into the group. He hoped Sy realized that he was no longer alone--he had friends now. A new pack; a new life. And Gladewing would do all he could to help these Pokemon secure that life.

The chattering of armor behind Gladewing reminded him of the older and highly... irregular Scyther that was hiding behind him. The younger bug-type shuffled his feet slightly, hardly knowing what to do about the old warrior cowering behind him. He had already been estranged from his own kind, but he felt especially uncomfortable around this Scyther, who acted nothing like how a grown-up Scyther should act. Slowly, Gladewing stepped away from Bladestrike and moved closer to Nightfang.

After waiting for Nightfang's response to Hope, Gladewing cleared his throat, "As I was venturing forth to say earlier... I was unable to secure us prey last night, but I did manage to find a bushel of these berries." He indicated the armful of fruit he carried. "They are mere Qualot berries, I'm afraid... They don't have medical use, but they should sustain us for a little longer."

Embyr continues to watch everyone morosely from her position, her eyes looking their way but not really seeing...

Snowsong (Glaceon)
Currently: Being a jerk

Snowsong wasn't at all touched by this apparent reunion. She watched dryly with a cocked brow as they exchanged a few words. When Flare spoke to her, she snorted in disgust. The air around her glittered again with diamond dust as her powers lowered the temperature around her.

"Yes, there's a problem," she growled as she forged two Ice Shards from the moisture in the air. Plunging them into the earth, she finished, "There's too many Pokemon in the world..."

Turning on the two abruptly, Snowsong headed out with the intent to continue to the swamp. Before she got far, however, Poppy appeared. Snowsong listened with irritation as the Furret stumbled out some words.

I, uh...know there was a little trouble before," she finished, "but we should really stick together.

Snowsong flicked her tail. "Whatever," she mumbled before turning around, heading back to the main group.

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