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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

@Corey: Eeveelocke does sound way fun! :O I'll have to try it sometime! :D Good luck on the color locke (though I don't see how Buizel or Chimchar are brown xD) I'm gonna try something I call an 'N'-locke with Black2, but I'll keep the details to myself ;D

@Meg: No deaths? Luuuucky! :O Looks like you got a pretty good team there, though! ^^ Hope it continues to go well! :D You really make me want to bring out my Crystal game and play it xD (but where the heck is my Gameboy, I wonder... xD)

Say, guys! I reached the climax! Just kicked Cyrus' butt, though he managed to kill my HM slave... Is it horrible that I kind of let it happen? ^^' SORRY TUCKER Dx (he was a bibarel...)

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