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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Sightseer Todd

The man smiles.
"I would say that the lighthouse is the place to go, but it will be closed for a couple of days. Maybe you should check out Route 1 Ive heard there are some beautiful stone tablets that are hundreds of years old scattered out there.."
The man told me about the Lighthouse which was closed at the moment and some ancient stone tablets that were scattered somewhere on Route 1. It was a shame that the Lighthouse wasn't open but what could I do, guess it's time to head on to Route 1.

''Thanks for the info, i'll be on the lookout for those tablets you say maybe they have something interesting written on them. Goodbye and take care.'' I waved a goodbye and started heading north towards Route 1.

Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp
Currently: Heading to Route 1.

Exiting Andromeda Town and entering Route 1
Wifi Record: Pending till further notice.

SoulSilver FC: 4855 9106 7336
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