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Default Re: Secrets of the Spirit Callers

Looks pretty sick. I haz plans!

Name: Eclipse (Eclipse is real name. Not many people know. Goes by Flare)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Empath Blaziken
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: Slightly taller than most Blaziken. Stands at 2m, when the average is 1.9m. Green eyes, where the usual are blue, and flames from wrists, and flamethrower attacks are dark blue. Nobody knows why. That's just the way they are. Has a scar that extends from his rights shoulder to his left hip. This is usually covered in feathers (Do Blaziken have feathers?) which are slightly discoloured. This scar doesn't affect physical capabilities. He received it in a fight against a guard (An Absol) years prior.
Personality: Eclipse is determined and proud. If set a task, he will not rest until it is completed. Though he doesn't start fights, he will never run away from a fight, and will fight to the death, need be. This being said, he would rather find a solution to a problem without getting violent. He will defend those who cannot defend themselves, and will not allow anyone to act as if they are better than him or his allies. If a friend is in trouble, he will do what he can to help, even if it means going against what they want.
Background: Eclipse hatched on the day of a full Solar Eclipse. Hence his name. Eclipse's father (A Typhlosion) died before Eclipse hatched, leaving Eclipse's mother (A Blaziken) to take care of Eclipse . Like Eclipse, his father had blue flames on his back, and in his attacks. Eclipse didn't learn the truth about his father until he was 10. At the time, Eclipse's was a torchic, and his mother told him that his father left before he hatched. Until one day Eclipse showed the signs of being an Empath. He asked his mother about his father, because all of his friends had fathers that lived with them. He suddenly felt a great wave of sadness. More so than if he had left. After feeling this, he asked if his father was alive. His mother began to panic, and though she hid it, Eclipse knew that he was right. He felt her fear at him knowing. When he said "Why are you panicking?" she figured out he was an Empath like his father, and told him everything. His father was an Empath, who kept it a secret. But he was found, and killed by the guard. Eclipse didn't know of his empath abilities at the time, and learnt of them on that day, and how he had to keep it a secret.

For years, he and his mother kept it a secret well. He eventually evolved into a Combusken, and life went on as normal. But they should have known that the guard would have kept an eye on any possible Callers. One day, when Eclipse was 17, he got into a fight with another pokemon. He came home with a bruise on his face, and a large cut on his arm. When his mother found out, she was furious. Even though he didn't start the fight, his mother told him he should have walked away. She pretended not to be angry, but Eclipse sensed it. The guard were watching them at the time, knew they found another when they heard Eclipse yell at his mother "Don't tell me your not angry. Me of all pokemon can tell that you are. Don't lie to me!". The guard broke into their home in the middle of the night. Eclipse couldn't sleep after the arguement with his mother. When they were about to break in, he felt the presence of secrecy (The guard trying to remain hidden), and heard a crash at the door. He climbed out the window and ran, knowing that these were the people who killed his father.

A few days after running away, Eclipse was found by a member of the circle. A Gallade who was also an Empath. They felt Eclipse fear, and recognised it as his own, when the Guard were after him. He took him into the circle and had him trained. Eventually he evolved into a Blaziken, and is now working with the Circle. His job is to locate Callers, and escort them to the HQ of the circle in as clean a matter as possible. Because of this, Eclipse is very agile. However he escorted a caller back, who was being used by the Guard as bait. This ended up in an ambush, where Eclipse got his scar on his back in battle. He managed to escape, and after some time to heal, was back to work.

If there is anything wrong, let me know and I will work on it ASAP. I am off school so I have too much free time on my hands at the moment.

EDIT: Cancelling sign up. I need to focus on school and eliminate distractions.

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