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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(this fight was a mess, also lets fix this you got out of the chair but the grunts cut you of in the hall way and not your being backed into a corner )

Pokemon Using: Mankey
Pokemon Battling: Golbat (golbat 1)
Pokemon's Points: 11
Foe's Points: 22
Bonus: +4(evo and weakness to flying)
Pokemon Points: 0
Foe's Points: 15
Mankey faints

Pokemon Using: Paras
Pokemon Battling: Golbat (gikbat 1)
Pokemon's Points: 14(9+5(Scope Lens)
Foe's Points: 15
Bonus: -9 (-5 evo above level 14), -4 double weakness to flying only -2 when a pokemons level is below 10)
Pokemon's Points: 0
Foe's Points: 10
Paras Faints

Charlie losses 5 points for her pokemon fainting.

Charlie backs into a corner as the last of her pokemon faint.

Location: Leading the way

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Red looks over at Jacen and Meg.
"Well it sounds like the rest of your crew is in trouble. Youll have to forget about the disk for right now.."

Red takes off down the hall stopping short of the room. Meg pushes ahead as she sees Charlie on the ground. Two Golbats surrounding her.

Red looks at the grunts.
"Vee..Light em up."

The Eevee jumps into action converting into Jolteon.

The grunts jump back.
"oh no, Red has escaped.."

Before they could reach there walkies a blast of electricity knocked them back.


Markus floats in the tank a man walks up to the glass

"This is Subject D, this little guy has caused you all this stress. The little Baby seems so weak.."

Markus eye blink as he adjusts to the tank.

*You wait for the right moment and you use what I thought you to get you out of here. But wait until you figure out what their plan is for us.*

Surge walks along.
"bring in the girl."

Stacy is dragged in and throw on the floor.

"Now we have a weak little girl? and she is suppose to be whom."

"She is suppose to be the closet connection it has to a human soul. If there is anything human left in there we are going to find it. "

Blane walks up to the tank.
"Honestly Im not even sure this is Subject D...It doesnt looks the same and the tests are coming back inclusive."

Blane looks around.
"Bring me Meghan and lets hook her up to the machine."

Stacy is strapped down and some kinda brain machine is strapped onto her head.

"Now Surge come with me. I have a safe room to monitar this. "

Blane looks at the grunts.

"Now report anything out of place."Blane brings the grunts to the computer.

"Any of these readings go above a seven...hit the panic button and seal this room."

Stacy tries to fight it but soon can feel her thoughts scattering.
*Hello?? are you okay ??*

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