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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Still trapped in a Rocket Base
Sear/Charmeleon (unable) Hyperio/Pidgeotto (unable) Eltry/Zubat (unable) Pince/Paras (pending) Viceroy/Butterfree (unable) Togue/Mankey (pending)
Partner: Dusty/Sandslash
Points: 26 [27]

(Sorry, I was pretty sure I was already captured again, I was walking down the hall already after breaking the door down, I definitely wasn't still working my way out of the chair, and I was going to "run/surrender" and save my Pokemon for battles that I could actually win, but since you inssist then here is how badly I am defeated.)

Charlie stared at the Golbat duo. It seems she would actually have to fight.

Pokemon Using: Mankey
Pokemon Battling: Golbat
Pokemon's Points: 11
Foe's Points: 22
Bonus: +10(evo and weakness to flying)
Pokemon Points: 0
Foe's Points: 21
Mankey faints

Pokemon Using: Paras
Pokemon Battling: Golbat
Pokemon's Points: 14(9+5(Scope Lens)
Foe's Points: 21
Bonus: -20( evo and double weakness to flying and weakness to poison)
Pokemon's Points: 0
Foe's Points: 21
Paras Faints

Charlie despairs after being defeated so easily. She holds her hands out in complete surrender.

(So after that embarrassing display of being completely dominated, if I am actually allowed to run from the battle and just surrender, I would like to. So what's the damage to my post count?)
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