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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Exploring the ruins


Damien struggles to deal with the overwhelming fear in his body. He tries his best to stand his ground, his knees now shaking wildly.

*I....We....are a nightmare..We are the cure.*

the hurt Unown starts crying out in pain as the figure moves closer to it. He bends down touching the Unown who turns pure black.

The Unown floats up. Damien gasps for air when its sees this dark pokemon floating in front of it.

A pokemon comes rushing out of the darkness. Its teeth flashing at Damien as he falls back down against the wall.

*You have stumbled into the wrong place. This place belongs to us.*

Damien gets to his feet holding out the torch he sees broken tombs inside he sees the bones of pokemon.


Markus pauses for a moment his hand shaking a little. A moment passes and he sees a light. Soon he hears a familiar voice.

Yellow walks along.
"Is anyone out there ?? I can hear you moving !"
Unown Y stays close .

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