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Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

I stood back watching the stange actions the blind man performed. I was not completely sure why he waved a flare gun in the air, but I guess he was threating to shoot it if someone didn't answer his list of questions. His questions were answered and everything calmed down it seemed.

I noticed a bag being thrown over, and I saw chips. I decided to ignore it while examining the symbol that was on the wall. It seemed to match the amulet I found. The one that threw the bag decided to drift to sleep. His strange being went to sleep alongside him.

I heard the blind man say something about a Balrog. I took a swift look to see if something from that "Lord of the Rings" movie was standing around somewhere. I then jumped seeing a strange bipedal lizard-like creature with a flame on its tail standing up on a ledge.

The hooded boys creature lept up the ledge to retrieve the strange lizard. Cobalt afterward commented on the stairs. I couldn't help but chuckle silently to myself.
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