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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Temple of the Chosen

"You tell me then, why would I lie about these symbols?" I asked. This guys seemed excessively paranoid.

"We don't know where we are, or why we are here. It is warm and sheltered in here. We don't know whats out there. We should at least wait for a little bit. See if more people are coming." I said, "I am not stopping you from leaving the temple. But I for one am staying for a bit. As for food, does anybody have any food with them?" I asked, hoping somebody was more prepared than me.

"The fact that we all were teleported here, and all have a animal-thing. Do you think it is pure coincidence?" I asked.

Game Master Post

Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
NOBODY must see the egg. If they see the Amulet, characters must lie about the Amulet and where they got it.
Inspecting the Amulet will teleport the character to the Temple of the Chosen. The characters won’t know how to get back home from here at this point in time. Once they are there, they will remain until Mission 2 (Details released soon) is completed.
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