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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Kenzy Laurel
Paris, Idaho --> Temple of the Chosen

The next morning started just as any other day started; though it was Christmas break, I still had to wake up early to get chores done on the farm. Chickens had to fed, eggs collected, cows milked… None of that changed despite the season, though school and the rest of the world stopped. I didn’t mind—especially that morning. It brought me back to a sense of normalcy. Although I kept thinking about the egg tucked away in my bedroom.

Yet it turned out that today was going to be anything but typical. All of it started when the news vans started pulling in. I was just heading back to the house when I saw them. The reporters were bundled in thick winter wear, paired with their cameramen shouldering their heavy machinery. They were talking with Dad, who didn’t seem at all happy talking to them. I moaned inwardly as I eyed them.

So much for keeping secrets. It was hard for a falling meteor to go unnoticed, even in a farm in Idaho.

My thoughts immediately returned to the egg. Slipping from their sight, I ran back into our house and pounded my way upstairs to my room. To my relief, everything was the same.

Except the egg lay in shards in its makeshift nest.

I let out a gasp and quickly closed the door behind me. What had just happened? What happened to the egg? I ran to my bed and picked up pieces of eggshell. Had it… hatched? I knew I should have never let it out of my sight. Panicking, I glanced around my bedroom for some sign of an alien baby.


I glanced down at the floor and saw a turtle at my feet. And barely managed to hold back a scream. I stumbled backwards into my night stand, looking at the creature in astonishment. It was a turtle all right—but it was huge… and… It had a plant growing out of its head.

The thing made that strange gurgling sound again and bounded towards me with a look of joy on its beaked face. This time, I let out a yell and back into the night stand. Just as the thing jumped at me, my hand landed on something.

Instantly, everything was different. The air became thick with moisture as if I had stepped into a sauna. My bedroom was replaced with a wild mess of big-leafed vegetation; noises of jungle life filled my ears.

“Ta-ta-rah!” the turtle seemed quite thrilled with the change.

Suddenly melting beneath my winter gear, I glanced about with wild-eyed wonder.

“What the…?” I breathed. “Where… What… How?”

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