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Originally Posted by Snow View Post
Name: Snow
Party: Razir(Bulbasaur), Spike(Rattata), Gaia(Sunkern)
Location: with archie on Route 1
sure did catch two cool ones see *show him my pokemon*
Official's Post

Archie walks up and checks out Rattata and Sunkern. As he does Rattata sniffs his hand.
Archie hands the Rattata a little berrie and soon Sunkern moves over to him. he lifts up the Sunkern with a big smile.
"Whoa Sunkern looks pretty awesome and your Rattata looks pretty tough ! "
Archie gets up.
"Ive heard there are some cool pokemon on Route 2 ! Do you want to have travel together to see who can catch the coolest pokemon there ??"

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