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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
(Official's note: Sorry for dragging this out, Akmal! ^^' I just wasn't sure if you were okay with me controlling your character too much. Also, I hope you don't mind that I'm bringing my own Trainer--Zayna--into this! :D )

Official's Post

Curious as to what he wants, you decide to follow the Umbreon through town. Soon enough, you come across two strangers—and old man and a young woman who, for some reason, is wearing a blanket.


The old man’s face lights up as he spies the Umbreon. “Umby!” he cries out.

The Umbreon runs up to him and places his forepaws on the man’s stomach, barking excitedly.

“What are you doing here?” the man asks as he pets the fox Pokémon affectionately. “I thought I told you to stay at the school?”

Umby barks again and runs back to you. The old man finally realizes your presence.

“Oh, I see! My apologies, young man; you must have been to the Trainer School, but no one was there. Well, no one but Umby—I asked him to keep an eye on the place. He must have seen something special in you, though, if he brought you to me. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Marcus—Headmaster of the Trainer School.”

“Headmaster?” the young woman suddenly speaks up, looking surprised.

“Yes, did I forget to mention that?” Markus blinks. “Ah, well…” he turns back to you. “How may I help you, young master… er…?”

He looks at you questioningly, wondering about your name.
*I don't mind at all~ no worries :)*

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"Owh hi nice to meet you I'm Akmal. I just arrived here few days ago." Akmal replied.

"So that's why this Umbreon seems lonely~ it's been looking for the Trainer School all by himself." Akmal said again.

"Something special in me? Maybe your Umbreon is looking at a wrong person. I'm just a normal kid just beginning his adventure." Akmal denied politely while blushing.

"May I asked why are both of you wearing a blanket? Is it that cold outside?" Akmal asked while confused.
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