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Default Winter Writing Competition 2012

Welcome to the
Winter Writing Competition!

Here we are, once again. Anxious authors have been biting at ankles for a chance to post their work, and here's the perfect opportunity to do so! With the hopes of obtaining fame, honor, and even a legendary pokemon for winning such a prestigious ceremony, any member of the URPG is able to tackle this obstacle. However, know that the competition will be fierce, and snatching a win in this contest can and will be difficult. Regardless, it just takes some extra determination, a creative mind, and the strive to become one of URPG's Greats to take first place. Best of luck, participants!

Ground Rules:

1. Voting will begin after the window for submission closes. The time allotted for voting in each round will depend on how many submissions are posted by the end of the competition.

2. Your story must be passed by a grader to be eligible for the competition. After your story has been passed, please link your story in this thread (if the deadline is approaching and your story still hasn't been graded, you may post the link here, and it will be graded ASAP)

3. You may post as many stories as you want during this window, but only one may be chosen to enter the competition. Choose wisely.

4. Your entry cannot be longer than 150,000 characters. Remember, always think quality over quantity!

5. As usual, all stories must follow normal story regulations. Not much to say here about that, as it should be standard knowledge.

How To Enter:

1. You may begin posting your stories on January 1st. The deadline for story submission is 11:59 (Pacific Standard Time) on January 31st. Remember, only stories that have been posted during this window are eligible for entering the competition, so stories that have posted prior to January 1st are not allowed for entry.

2. To enter the competition, please put [WWC] somewhere in your story's title. This will help graders (and me) identify which stories are to be entered.

3. You must be a member of the URPG to enter. If you're not a member yet wish to enter... go sign up then!!


First Place: Our winner will receive a Legendary Pokemon of their choice, which they may keep for a year, and $10,000.

Second Place: The runner-up shall receive a Complex Pokemon of their choice, $8,000, and a hearty pat on the back.

Third Place: Some words of encouragement, $5,000, and a Hard Pokemon of their liking.

Prizes are subject to change based upon number of entries


1. You must be a URPG Member to vote.

2. When voting, please select your three favorite stories of that round. From those three, please arrange them in order, from 1 being your least favorite and 3 being your most favorite. With all the combined votes, the story with the highest tally value will win that round.

3. Votes are to be sent to me via PM. Please include something in your title to the effect of "WWC Votes" so I don't have to mill through my PM's to find your votes. Also, please include a summary of the stories you are voting for. This is so that I know you've read the stories rather than just blindly voted for them. It doesn't have to be much -- two or three sentences should suffice. Remember that you won't get paid for your votes nor will they count if you don't include summaries!

4. If you've entered the competition, you're still able to vote -- you're allowed to vote even in the round that your story is participating in! However, you won't be able to vote for yourself. However, by voting in the round you're participating in, you shall receive 3 extra points for your story.

5. Make sure you're voting for your favorite story, not your favorite person. This is a writing competition, not a popularity contest, so keep things fair for everyone.

6. The length of each voting round/the amount of stories in each voting round will be determined when we have a solid estimate on how many stories will be entering.

7. Voters are to receive $3,000 per round of voting, but this might change based upon number of entries/rounds.

The layout of the competition will go something like this: The competition begins with several preliminary rounds. Each story is randomly selected to be in a group of other stories, and the voters decide which of these stories they like the best. The winner of this preliminary round will be reserved a spot in the final round. After all the preliminary rounds have been completed and the best of the best are pitted together, the final round begins.

The final round is much like any other, except the stakes are higher. More money, honor, and even a legendary Pokemon are up for grabs here! More information will be available as we progress closer to the date, but the person with the highest number of tallies will be crowned the Winter Writing Competition of 2012's Champion!

Past Winners:

1. Jag.
2. Marth.
3. Shroomish.
4. Jack of Clovers.
5. Fair.
6. Neo Pikachu.
7. DaRkUmBrEoN.
8. Pokemon Trainer Sarah.
9. Seawolf.
10. DaRkUmBrEoN.
11. Seawolf.
12. Tyranitar_Trainer.
13. Fever.
14. Phantom Kat.
15. Bryce.
16. Sequentio.
17. Kai-Mei.
18. Natorei.
19. Kai-Mei.
20. MagikChicken.
21. Embreon.

Best of luck, writers, and be sure to ask me if you have any further questions

Get Writing!
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