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Default lu1z's Derpy Stats

lu1z's Stats Page

B/W in-game name: Luis
Friend Code: 2452-3435-0324
Starter Pokemon: Magikarp
Current location: Route 6
Number of Stars: 37
Stars Spent: 203
Total Stars Earned: 240





Pokeballs x1
Great Ball x1
Luxury Ball x1
Friend Ball x1
Lure Ball x2
Level Ball x1
Heal Ball x1
Moon Ball x1

Evolution Items:


Key Items:

Old Rod


TM70 Flash


Name: Gyarados
Nickname: Rick
Gender: Male
Obtained: Starter(Pokeball)
Date: 30/12/12
Level: 25
Battles: 59

Name: Raticate
Nickname: Cage
Gender: Male
Obtained: Route 1(Pokeball)
Date: 4/01/13
Level: 25
Battles: 64

Name: Persian
Nickname: Greed
Gender: Male
Obtained: Route 1(Pokeball)
Date: 7/01/13
Level: 29
Battles: 35

Name: Skiploom
Nickname: Breeze
Gender: Male
Obtained: Route 2(Pokeball)
Date: 11/01/13
Level: 25
Battles: 45

Name: Nincada
Nickname: Aril
Gender: Female
Obtained: Route 3(Pokeball)
Date: 17/01/13
Level: 24
Battles: 15

Name: Petilil
Nickname: Clover
Gender: Female
Obtained: Route 6(Greatball)
Date: 20/02/13
Level: 24
Battles: 0


Name: Duskull
Nickname: Hollow
Gender: Male
Obtained: Route 6(Greatball)
Date: 21/03/13
Level: 25
Battles: 0
Wifi Record: Pending till further notice.

SoulSilver FC: 4855 9106 7336
SSBB FC: 0560 80166451
PBR FC: 3309 5845 4737

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