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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Secily Jones
Location: In a whole new world, and what is left of the previous
Affected Arpers: Dog of Hellsing, Cobalt Shadow

I sat and waited uncomfortably. I felt as if everything I did was like a test to the rest of my group. They seemed to talk amongst themselves. I began becoming increasingly uneasy. It reminded me of back when I was socially shunned. Although back then, I was fine with it. I really did not want to be alone here, in this strange place. I saw the other woman hand the gun to the crippled young man. I muttered to myself on how I was actually pretty handy with a gun. I heard the sound of sirens. I jumped to my feet in utter shock.

All at once the world began to change. The cabin rotted away to nothing. I could swear I heard loud screams in the distance, loud screams that did not belong to anything human. I was beyond shocked now. The strange place that I was in became stranger, and I found myself fearing the dark as I haven't in a long time. The other woman seemed to collapse. I darted over to her, and squatted down beside her. I reached out to try and help but drew back not knowing what to do. I looked over at the men. I didn't see any answer on their faces.

She began to recover, so I stood up and took a few steps back. I looked at her. I asked, "Are you okay..." I paused a moment recalling her name, "Cella?" I felt stupid asking that question. She just met the ground for some reason, of course she isn't okay. I noted she was unarmed. I walked over to the nurse I decapitated. I shuddered at my own handy-work. I also wondered why no one had mentioned it. I thought that they would have to have noticed it. I saw the dead being clutching a knife. It was hardly as nice as my own, but I thought it may do.

I tried to pry open the nurse's hand, but it had an iron grip around the handle of that knife even in death. I found myself extremely agitated. I produced my knife from my jacket and cut the fingers from the knife I was trying to acquire. There was a little blood on my knife from the fingers. It looked absolutely disgusting. I wiped it off in the same fashion as earlier in the same place. I put my knife back.

I decided that there was no point in concealing my knife. I pulled it out in its sheath and attached it to my belt. I liked it better there. I picked the knife that I cut from the dead nurse creature. I walked back over to Cella and offered her the handle. I held the blade hoping she wouldn't cut me with it. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again with a loss of words.
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