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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Name: Cobalt (Fake name, real name is Jacob)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: For Secrecy. Keeps to himself, and doesn't want to be found.
Appearance: Cobalt has long, strait black hair, with red eyes, thanks to the cult. Wears a grey hoodie underneath a black trenchcoat. Wears black jeans, and a red tshirt mostly. Has a pair of black and green headphones around his neck most of the time.

Personality: Cobalt tends to keep quiet. After running away from the Cult 5 years ago, he has done his best not to be found. This means not revealing details about himself or his past, and lying through his teeth, which he has become good at with practise. It will take a while to gain Cobalt's trust, but once he trusts a person, he will not keep any secrets from them. However if people betray his trust, he will not have mercy on them. Cobalt is usually level headed, and will try and think of a safer solution before trying anything rash. He would prefer not fight, unless it is necessary, and will run before things get violent.

History: Cobalt (Born Jacob) was born into a life of myth. His parents were part of a Dragon worshipping cult. This cult was extremely secretive, and worshipped Dragons as Gods. They were constantly looking for ways to communicate or control the Dragons. Cobalt was born in the same year as 4 other children. The cult had a plan for communicating with the dragons. They managed to capture a young dragon and hold it prisoner. Cobalt was chosen to be the lab-rat in their experiment. The Cult kept the dragon alive, but harvested its blood and forced Cobalt to drink it until he was 5, trying to find out if this would cause any good or bad effects. As a result, he gained his powers (See Below). Cobalt hated the life of the Cult he was forced into and when he was 16, ran away. Since then the cult have been desperate to find him again, due to so much of their resources being used to create him. He has had a few close calls, but hasn't had one in the past 3 years. He currently resides in London.
Weapons/Abilities: Due to Cobalt being forced to drink Dragon Blood for a good portion of his life, he can take on the abilities of a dragon. This physically changes him for a period of time, and can be very painful, depending on the extent of the transformation. Before transforming, Cobalt will have no powers. Depending on the extent of the transformation, he wil gain his powers in the following order (eg he won't have dragon sight without firebreath)

Resgeneration: Heals broken skin and muscle (only used when body is damaged from other abilities.)

Firebreath: Self explanatory. When this power is activated, coughing and sneezing will cause accidental flames.

Dragon Skin: Skin is slightly tougher. More resistant to fire, though he can still be burnt, and more resistant to magic. When gaining Dragon skin, whole body feels as if bugs are crawling underneath skin. Skin becomes a slight green tinge, and scaly

Dragon Sight: Better night vision. Also allows for further sight. This causes his eyes to glow.

(The following are rarely used)

Enhanced Strength: Self explanatory. This ability taking effect causes extreme pain, and is rarely used for this reason. The sudden growth of muscle breaks through the skin (Regeneration is used here)

Wings: Spiky Bat-like wings protrude from his shoulder blades. This is extremely painful for Cobalt at first, due to the shoulder blades being broken, and bones in the wings stabbing through skin and muscle when the wings come out. The wings come out as bone, until muscle, tendons and membrane cover them, creating wings used to fly. This whole process takes 10 minutes of extreme pain to complete, and was only every used twice. When he was 12 and the leaders of the Cult wanted to see what abilities the Dragons blood gave him. He was forced to complete the whole transformation. He passed out from the pain and woke up 2 days later. Second time was when he was 16, and escaped from the Cult. He was much stronger here, and didn't pass out. When Cobalt changes back to his normal self, these wings fall off, which is also painful and bloody.

Other: Cobalt currently works as a member of the London Police Force and is known by the name Isaac Smith. He enrolled after his escape, and his powers (though they remain secret to everyone else) have helped him catch more than a few criminals. Currently has an apartment in London where he lives.

I made the whole extreme pain thing as a way for Cobalt to not be too powerful, since he won't use those powers often. As for the sequence thing (where he can't have the powers lower on the list, than the ones higher) so if he does choose to use the strength, he will not be able to act human.

Seem good?

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