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Default (OU Team) Rainy Genies

Hello everyone, as you may have guessed in the title my team is centered towards the 2 genies which can abuse Rain. Well, let's get to the point and start with the breakdown of the team:

TORNADUS(Therian forme)@ChoiceSpecs
EV's: 252 SpAtk/252 Spe/4 Atk
Ab: Regenerator Nature: Hasty

Okay, here is one of the main stars from the team. Hurricane destroys almost anything in one or two hits, except for Steel types or those pink fat blobs. FocusBlast let's me deal with the aforementioned Steel types a bit better and AirSlash is there if my Rain is gone. U-Turn is great for scouting and keeping the momentum going in my favor.

THUNDURUS(Therian forme)@ChoiceScarf
EV's: 252 SpAtk/252 Spe/4 HP
Ab: Volt Absorb Nature: Timid
-HP Ice

Having less Speed than his normal form I decided to give him a Scarf to act like my Revenge Killer. This one I use it mainly to take out the Dragons that plague OU with HP Ice. Thunder is has full acc in Rain so its a must that it is up and running, VoltSwitch for the momentum; although it's risky to use when there's a Ground type in the opposing team. FocusBlast is there for coverage and getting rid of Ferrothorn.

EV's: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpAtk
Ab: Drizzle Nature: Bold

This Politoed is designed to force Pokemon out with PerishSong and Toxic. Protect is there to let another Perish turn pass. Scald is for trying to cripple physical attackers that may come in. Toxic is to cripple walls that would otherwise just stand there all day taking the hits. Perish Song is self explanatory and lets me put a timer in any Pokemon trying to setup on Poli.

EV's: 248 HP/252 Spe/8 SpAtk
Ab: Levitate Nature: Timid

Latias acts as a Wish passer and annoyer, since I don't have a spiner rocks can hurt my birds and I want them as healthy as possible. Substitute helps to keep away status and can give me a free turn to paralyze something. DragonPulse is for STAB and not be a complete Taunt bait. Latias also serves as my Thundurus and Breloom check, though I may need to sack a Poke to sleep.

EV's: 252 Atk/252 HP/4 SpD
Ab: DrySkin Nature: Adamant

Ah, Toxicroak. He performs so good that I have been thinking of making him the main Pokemon. He may be slow but he can set Subs in front of the slower walls which almost never kill the Sub. DrainPunch provides healing alongside DrySkin and helps me recover that HP lost to LO and Sub. IcePunch is there for coverage and SuckerPunch often catches Psychic or Ghost type off-guard; it also revenge kills weak opponents. And it's another good Breloom check.

EV's: 252 HP/ 180 Def/76 SpD
Ab: Pressure Nature: Bold

And last comes Deoxys-D. He is here for one purpose: counter his brothers. Before I put this guy here, other Deoxys-D could come and setup all layers in front of my face. At first I was using Taunt but I hate losing the Speed tie, so instead I decided to use MagicCoat. SR and Spikes are self-explanatory. Thunderave just to cripple more things.


And there ya go folks, this is the end. This is my first RMT in a long time so I may have made some mistakes. Every constructive criticism is welcome and thanks for stopping by and read this.
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