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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Brokenstar and Aggranium
Currently: Wonder what is going on

Before the old Absol could respond to Bladestrike, a new figure crashed into the new Riolu that Gladewing had brought with him, screeching he demanded hospitality and the like. Quite humorously an aging Sceptile - she was secretly glad that another old Pokemon had survived the attack - clamped his beak shut, explaining what was going on. Nightfang lowered herself to attack, and so did the oddly colored Gallade, before Hope for Dawn offered his apology and made Lifewing also apologize. She limped forward, past the Mightyena and Gallade to stand directly in front of the two. She scrutinized Hope for a moment, but her gaze mostly fell on Lifewing. She was slightly taller than him, but it was not height that made her intimidating - it was the way she watched, peering into the eyes and thus the soul.

"You are very rash," she stated simply, "and that is dangerous. You jump into action without thinking, heedless of what that might do to others. If we had been hostile, you would have just put your companion in danger. Mighty as a warrior is, our numbers are more numerous than yours, and exhaustion can take a toll. You must learn to calm yourself." She glanced at Hope for Dawn. "I appreciate your honesty in this. I can tell you, like me, value the importance of the mind over brute force. Age brings wisdom, and I am grateful to see another made it out safely." With that said, she turned and limped back to being behind Nightfang and Cobalt, glancing at Sy.

"Come, child. Let me check to see if you have any wounds. If you need to, ride on my back. You look exhausted and there is much travelling to do." Her own injury was not that severe, and the slight limp it caused did not aggravate her joints too much.

Aggranium glanced at Yuri. "Calm down. I'm sure everythin' will be worked out, nice and easy." He grinned. "Ol' Grani here will make sure of that, yessir. No need for violence!" He clapped his claws together. "Cheer up...All of this anger isn't good for your health, and you're one of our healers. You gettin' sick would be bad, and I would really worry, I reckon. Everyone would." He opened his arms wide. "Want a hug?"

(Nothing for Re'zula and them right now. Didn't want them to crash into them like everyone else did lol!)
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