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Default Re: [WAR XI WINNER] Guardian Units of Nations (Now a Sonic Group - Please Join!)

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
Wow, I'm surprised you guys are still keeping this thread active.

I'm not joining the group, I'm just commenting. That Obama image was just too awesome to ignore. I guess that was why he shut down the manned NASA spaceflights.

That aside, I have some questions.

One, people actually look forward to more Storybook games? They were terrible in my opinion. I hope they finally realize that the direction of Colors and Generations is what they should follow, and not another gimmick game.

And Sonic '06. Boy, that game. Just watching the Game Grumps playthrough gives me a feel of the train wreck that was that game.

GAWD, ARIN, SONIC ADVENTURES IS GOOD. Sorry, had to put that out there.

Now that I've named the game that shall not be named, I'll name the other things that agitate Sonic fans and have myself a cold Dr. Pepper while I enjoy the carnage.
  • Elise
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • Maria
  • Sonic X
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (The Game)
  • The ARK level of Shadow the Hedgehog (The Game)
  • Any iteration of Sonic Riders
  • The Olympic Games Titles
  • SEGA financial woes
  • The fact that Sonic is a cyclops with two pupils
  • Big the Cat
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Sonic R
  • Werehog Sonic
  • How some other SEGA published games are actually good [See Bayonetta, Total War Series]
  • Voice Actor changes
  • Sonic (The Fast Food Chain)
  • hotdiggedydemon
  • Ukinojoe
  • The fact that SEGA will no longer be relevant as a console manufacturer
  • The fact that everything went downhill after Sonic Adventure Battle 2
  • Sonic Team

And there you have it. Have fun!

PS: There are three links in Sonic Team. Yes, they also contain HILARIOUS I mean questionable content created by JONTRON. You have been warned, again. So pwease don't ban me.

Good to see they've stopped that. xD
Not sure how hotdiggedydemon upsets them, so...yeah. xD

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