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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Affected RPers: Everyone
Location: All of Silent Hill

Somewhere in the fog-covered town, sirens began to wail. Low and quiet at first, the sound quickly rose in pitch and volume until it reached its crescendo before descending back to its starting tone. The sirens continued to blare out as the gray skies began to darken, but it wasn’t just the sky. Blackness seemed to be descending over the entire town, until it looked as though pitch-black night had fallen. As the darkness blanketed the town, the town itself also underwent a staggering transformation. The very ground cracked apart, parts of it rising into the air before disintegrating. Buildings fell into ruin and the cars were reduced to little more than rusted husks. In many cases, doors that existed were completely gone or covered in unidentifiable substances, while other doors had spawned in areas they hadn’t been previously. Around the town there came the screams of stronger monsters who accompanied the darkness, monsters that were bigger and smarter. The sirens fell silent as this twisted new realm fully formed, releasing its horrors into the town.

The Otherworld had arrived.


Krystal Tompson
Affected RPers: Akinai
Location: Inside a hardware store

I slid to a halt as Serena came around a corner and nearly ran into me, bearing a new tote over the old satchel she'd had. I was going to say that we should probably get going, but she spoke before I had a chance to say anything.

“I don't see a way out save for the front door, but maybe we could drop down something to barricade them in that small room.” She nodded towards one of the aisles, as if indicating we might be able to push one over. A nervous expression crossed her face as she added, “Wait, you did close the door behind you, right?”

“I think I did but I don’t remember for certain, to be completely honest,” I answered. I jumped as a loud crash echoed through the entire store; it sounded like whatever wanted in had managed to finally break the door down. Terror flooded my veins at the thought of something big and strong enough to bash down a metal door chasing after us, but then I heard another sound start to fill the air. It took me a moment to place it; it sounded like air-raid sirens. I frowned and glanced towards the front of the store, my mouth dropping in disbelief as it started getting dark. Within a few minutes blackness had completely fallen. On top of that, the store around us started to just…deteriorate. The aisles were reduced to rust-covered metal, dropping their contents to the floor, which was broken and rusted as well now. The ceiling fell apart, lights and wires falling and hanging haphazardly as the front door decayed away. Large holes appeared in the walls, revealing the storage room we’d entered the store through. The door was lying on the floor, but there were no monsters lurking in there. I gaped at the transformation, barely able to comprehend what had just happened.

“You…you’re seeing this, right? I’m not going completely loony?” I managed to ask Serena, my voice faint and cracking. “What the HELL is going on here?!”


Cella Jones
Affected RPers: Dragotech, Cobalt Shadow
Location: Leaving the caretaker's cabin

Secily agreed that she’d be coming with us before abruptly pulling a rather dangerous-looking knife from somewhere and bashing open a locked cupboard with the handle. She managed to smash it open but slashed her hand on a large piece of jagged wood. I nervously scooted away from her as she seemed to be enjoying beating the cupboard a bit too much. Not only that, but how long had she had that knife, and where had she gotten it from? I was beginning to think that the stain on her pants wasn’t just an accident.

After finding some alcohol and bandages in the cupboard, Secily wrapped her injured hand and gave the rest of the items to Isaac, muttering how they might come in useful. She was so awkward when talking that it made me wonder what her past had been like. It was like she really didn’t know how to act around other people. Once she’d given Isaac the medical items, she put her hands in her pocket and sat down, clearly waiting for everyone to be ready. I watched her for a few minutes before it got uncomfortable just staring at her, so instead I turned to watch the door.

A few minutes later Isaac returned, pushing the wheelbarrow before him. He helped James into it before opening the street guide book again. He stared at it for a moment, like he was reading something, then said, "Geez, whoever built these cells did a great job. By the look of it, nothing can get in or out without the key." He looked up at us, but his gaze lingered on me a bit longer than the others. I understood what he was saying. Leave Secily in a cell where no monsters can get her, and she can’t get US. I nodded, as if acknowledging an interesting bit of trivia, as Isaac adjusted his items, then opened the door to the cabin and came back to grab the handles of the wheelbarrow. "Lets go before something else shows up," he said as he started walking, pushing the wheelbarrow in front of him. “Cella, I need you to be ready to shoot anything that comes by. If you don't want to, then give the gun to James. You can shoot can't you James?"

"Seems easy enough,” James replied, and I headed out of the cabin after them as I pulled the clips out of my pocket. I handed James the clips first, then cautiously offered the butt of the gun to him.

“I’ve never even held a gun. I don’t think I’d honestly be much use with it.”

I’d barely finished speaking when what sounded like sirens started to blare out. I drew to a halt, the sound making me extremely uneasy as it continued. Then I noticed something much more disturbing that the abrupt sirens; blackness was starting to cover the entire town. As far as I could see, the gray, foggy skies were being replaced with complete darkness. On top of that, the town itself started going to hell. The ground was cracking and breaking up, bits of it just vanishing. The caretaker’s cabin, when I looked back at it, quickly rotten to just rusted steel supports and bits of wood. In the near distance, I could visible see parts of the school sagging and sinking as the building was rapidly worn down by invisible forces.

It took less than a minute for everything to settle into this new unnerving state, but by the time it was over I found I could barely breathe. Panic was crushing my chest, my heart pounding against my breastbone so hard I thought it would burst through. The world spun crazily as a sudden bout of vertigo gripped me, causing me to stumble and fall to my knees. I squeezed my eyes closed and struggled to catch my breath, fighting with everything I had to stave off the fear and dizziness. Somehow I managed to calm myself enough to be able to breathe a bit better, and the vertigo ebbed away as I wrestled my panic under control. I took a few more minutes to collect my wits before shakily getting to my feet, crossing my arms over my stomach and looking around.

“What…what just happened…?”
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