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Default Re: Powerful Trainer Maker

I guess I'll make this based on my character from GCeA Blue :)

Pokemon Trainer Meghan
Mixed Types

Charizard Lvl. 100
Kangaskhan Lvl. 100
Pidgeot Lvl. 97
Gengar Lvl. 96
Hitmonlee Lvl. 98
Ursaring* Lvl. 97

Prize: $14503, Dark Stone, Ability to Travel to the Distorted Realm

Challenge: "I've trained to defeat a monster...I will not lose to you!"
Win: "....."
Loss: "You are much stronger than I am. My training wasn't enough. Dredd, I'm sorry.."
Draw: "......"

Excuse the horridness. I just woke up XD

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