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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Affected RPers: Dog of Hellsing, Dragotech
Currently: about to leave the Caretakers cabin.

Isaac walked out of the door, hammer in hand in case he saw any more of those creatures. He walked around the corner a few minutes later with a wheelbarrow.

"As uncomfortable as it sounds, you are going to have to ride in this, with the busted leg and all." Isaac said to me. I nodded, still wondering why I only had a limp.

Isaac walked over and helped me out of the chair I was sitting in, then helped me walk over to the the wheelbarrow. I sat in, finding it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought.

For the third time he opened the book, to what looked like the same page as usual. There must have been photos of the cells in the police station, judging by what he said next.

Isaac Reed
Affected RPer: Same as above

I helped James get into the wheelbarrow, then had another look at the book. Cella was right. What if she is innocent? We can't just let her get killed. But what if she isn't. The cells were seeming like a better option. But how to tell Cella this.

I continued looking in the book in the section about the police stations, where I found some pictures of the cells there.
"Geez, whoever built these cells did a great job. By the look of it, nothing can get in or out without the key." I said looking over at Cella hoping she would get the message. If we locked Secily in one, then sent the police back for her, the monsters couldn't get her.

I made sure my hammer and the spanner were in an easy to reach pocket, then opened the door, lifted the wheelbarrow, and began to walk out.
"Lets go before something else shows up," I said. "Cella, I need you to be ready to shoot anything that comes by. If you don't want to, then give the gun to James. You can shoot can't you James?"

"Seems easy enough." He said.

As I waited for Cella to respond, I continued walking, and pushing the wheelbarrow, wondering how far we can get undetected...

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