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Default Re: Christmas: Love it or Hate it?

I celebrate Christmas with my family, and I have always loved it since I was little.

Just so I don't ruin Christmas for those of us who don't know.
I do understand that Santa himself does not exist, and the figure the big guy was based on has been dead for a very long time. I do however believe in what he stands for. He is a fictional character that is the embodiment of generosity, hope, and wonder. Things that a child probably should not be deprived of. In a way one could say that I still believe in Santa Clause.

Does anyone actually say HUMBUG?

My family celebrates it as the day of Christ's birth. Everyone has a birthday, but we do not know the exact day when Christ was born, so we labeled it as the 25th of December. I do not believe it is a pagan holiday despite the fact it is celebrated by believers and non-believers of the Christian faith.
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