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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
After walking for a while I finally reached Professor Cedar's laboratory. I enter and go straight to were the Professor is standing. As I walk I start thinking what Pokemon Im going to choose as my partner.

“Now, I suppose you are here for your starter Pokemon. We have a very large variety of Pokemon here as we believe that each person has a different affinity with each Pokemon and we want to produce strong bonds between Pokemon and Trainers. You may choose 1 Pokemon to take on your journey. You will also receive a PokeGear for communicating with other Trainers and 5 PokeBalls. Now choose your partner wisely!”

She hands me a form and I start filling it up. Surprisingly it only consists of two blank spots.

Name: Luis
Pokemon: Magikarp

''Here ya go Professor'', I hand out the form with a smile on my face.
Here you go professer and thanks[/QUOTE]

Professor Cedar

The Professor gives your form a double-take.

"A Magikarp?" she looks at you in awe. Her face suddenly lights up with joy. "Fantastic! You are officially my new hero! We've been worried that no one would ever take this little guy. Hold on for just one moment."

Professor Cedar disappears into the back of the lab for a brief moment before returning with a Poke Ball and some gear.

"Take good care of it!" she implores with a great big smile.

Luis received Magikarp, a PokeGear v3.0 and 5 Poke Balls. Go ahead and make your trainer record in here. And, as a reminder, no IV/EV training.

"Good luck on your journey!" The Professor bids you.

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