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Default Re: Legendary Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Snow View Post
how might i catch them can anyone help?
Regirock and Regice (White 2) or Regirock and Registeel (Black 2) are available in the Underground Ruins. It can be accessed through Clay Tunnel with Surf and Strength.

Marriland does a very nice walk-through.

To catch Cresselia, you need to go to the Stranger House near Lentimas Town, accessible by the exterior of Reversal Mountain. Once you obtain the Lunar Wing, take it to the Marvelous Bridge and Cresselia will appear.

Heatran is catchable in Reversal Mountain. You'll need the Magma Stone, which you can find on Route 18.

For the Lake Guardians, you need to go to the Cave of Being. Professor Juniper will be found in the cave after you defeat Iris for the first time. If you talk to her, the Guardians will appear and then will go to their destined locations.

Azelf: Route 23 west of the stairs that lead to the League Gate.
Uxie: Nacrene City in front of the museum.
Mespirit: Top of Celestial Tower.

Ghetsis' Kyurem is released after Colress disbands the new After you defeat N at the broken down N's Castle and catch his Reshiram (W2) or Zekrom (B2), he will release his Reshiram (W2) or Zekrom (B2) and it will appear at Dragonspiral Tower. After catching it, you can find Kyurem at Giant Chasm.
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